Going back from the very beginning in 1855, Faaborg Jern has always focused on customer-based product development. We take an active part in developing the existing products from our partners, as new products from our own production line. We focus on the entire value chain from the construction phase up to the commissioning and daily use of all that we deliver.

Marine Equipment
- Made for a Life at Sea!

Ships are like humans – with their own unique personality and individual style. It requires a great deal of understanding for the individual ship to get things right!

We have made that understanding our corporate philosophy. So when we provide accommodation, deck equipment, windows or waterproof doors, it is always customized for the ship and the specific needs. We specialize in providing all elements of accommodation and ship equipment – both inside and outside.

We aim to make aesthetics a priority, while also making it durable for a life at sea. And we know the time is scarce when the ship is in dock. That is why we have a large network of suppliers and partners to make sure your order is executed and delivered accurately and on time.

If you inform us of the ship’s needs and where and when the equipment should be delivered, we will do the rest.

View the products with your fingers
We work with precise technical drawings of our products, and have a lot of visual guides. But seeing and feeling things with your actual eyes and hands are so much better than mere illustrations. That’s why we have set up a showroom with examples of products, including furniture, which can be experienced, tested and “seen with your fingers”.

Here the quality can be xperienced before you place your order. In short, we pride ourselves in finding the best solutions for your ship.

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Let us begin the partnership! If you would like an offer, please contact us with your details, so we can prepare a non-binding offer on your project. Some projects require more information than others, which is why a conversation is always the best starting point.

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