Ventilation Sculpture

Art with a Function

Every once in a while you get a chance to work with something unique, and for this was one of those times. From the creative minds at T.ark Architects on Iceland the project started out as a rough design and a 3D-printed model of ventilation hood, that looks more like a sculpture, than just an exhaust from an underground car park.

Located in the middle of the most exclusive apartment buildings at the harbourfront in Reykjavik, this is a sculpture that will catch the eye of many people every day

We helped transform the idea from a 15 cm. diameter model to a huge 4 meter diameter construction in stainless steel and coated with 3 layers metallic paint ready for container shipping.

Now the sculpture is ready to take on the rough conditions that Iceland has to offer.

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Client: Austurhöfn ehf

Austurhöfn Apartments

T.ark Architects

The task in brief

  • Transform visualisation and design idea into production ready form
  • Technical design of installation type
  • Production
  • Coating

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